US oil reserves plummet!

The amp is interrogated again. Take a look at European events. US oil reserves plummet. Kiwi fall and hesitation in the currency market cryptocurrencies!

Trump is being interrogated today

Donald Trump, as the first president in American history, is to be ostracized and made history twice. The House of Representatives will vote on his impeachment for a second time today, just one week before the end of his presidency.

As the number of Republican senators rises after his controversial interview on Tuesday, in which Trump defended an armed attack on the Congress building, the likelihood of his conviction seems to increase even in the Senate. Many of them have now stated their position, and some of them agree with the removal of Trump. According to various reports, Mitch McConnell has not opposed the removal of Trump from power. Vice President Mike Pence, of course, opposes the impeachment motion.

Kansas City Fed Chairman Esther George said it was too early to talk about easing monetary stimulus and there was no need to rush, while Boston Fed Chairman Eric Rosengren declined to discuss any gradual easing.

Increased demand for bonds led to a drop in the dollar and bond yields. The market seems to agree with the central bank's opposition to easing facilitation policies
The US inflation index repeated the same number in its December monthly assessment, which was expected to be 4 tenths of a percent. Last month, inflation was at 2 tenths of a percent.

The commodity inflation index was also released at 1 tenths of a percent, in line with market expectations.

Stock markets are still in a state of uncertainty and lack of proper decision-making. In the early trading hours of today, the influential Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 were up one-tenth of a percent and Nasdaq was two-tenths of a percent.

Today, gold rose 8 percent to $ 1,860 an ounce.

Take a look at European events

Lagarde, the head of the European Central Bank, says some precarious conditions, such as the election, the US election and the approval of the vaccine, have disappeared. We started the new year with a positive outlook, and with some good expectations, but we still need monetary and financial support. "The economic expectations for December are quite acceptable, and we are closely monitoring the movements of the Forex market, and we are very careful about the effects of the exchange rate on prices," he said.

In another speech today, Villeroy, a member of the European Central Bank and President of the Bank of France; He said the European Central Bank was closely monitoring the negative effects of the euro exchange rate and that economic growth of 5% was expected for France in 2021 and 2022.

Also, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Tuesday that they were now seeing signs that quarantine was working to control the spread of the coronavirus in many parts of the country.

Johnson noted that the restrictions are under constant review and reiterated that he does not rule out the possibility of extending the restrictions.

Italian Health Minister Roberto Esperanza said Italy would extend the state of emergency to prevent the spread of the coronavirus until the end of April, as there were currently no signs of a decline in the number of cases.

In European stock markets, the Yuki 100 index was slightly volatile in the reopening range today, but Germany's Dox and France's CEC40 were up 3% and 4%, respectively.

But in Asian markets, we saw a 3 percent drop in the Shanghai index and a 1 percent drop in the Hong Kong index. However, Japan's Nikkei 225 ended its trading session today with a growth of 1%.

Also in the foreign exchange market, the New Zealand kiwi had the weakest performance of the day with a decrease of half a percent and the US dollar, with a growth of 2 tenths of a percent, recorded the best performance.

US oil reserves plummet!

US oil reserves plummet
UAE Energy Minister Soheil al-Mazrouei said he did not agree that a voluntary cut in Saudi Arabia's oil production would lead to an overall reduction in OPEC and its allies, known as OPEC Plus.

Al-Mazrouei also warned the United States to increase production
In the last hour of last night and the early hours of trading today, prices rose as close as $ 54, after data from the American Petroleum Institute on Tuesday showed a sharper-than-expected drop in private sector crude inventories for the second week in a row. However, it fell again and fell below $ 53 in the early hours of trading in US markets. But after the announcement of the official data on oil reserves, published by the US Energy Information Administration, we again saw a rise in prices above $ 53 per barrel.

Doubts in the cryptocurrency market!
Since the shock to digital currencies on Monday, the cryptocurrency space has suffered significant damage. More or less warnings are heard from several large banks about the existence of price bubbles in digital currencies.

Today, while not a very good day for this market, you can see the current growth of most cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin fluctuates in the range of 33 to 35 thousand dollars for several consecutive days
Ripple went up and down in the range of 29 to 30 cents, Atrium fell 1.2 percent and LightQueen rose 3 percent.

US oil reserves plummet! (2)

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