The project intended for the Star Informationsite is as follows :


Informationstar has started its activity since 2017 with the aim of producing daily and educational news and has always been concerned with education and production and providing daily news to its users.

Informationstar site on
He decides to join the energetic future (digital currency market) and introduces the site's own currency on this date.

Info star 2

Dedicated currency of the informationstar site with the name :

Info star

Total Supply:
Info star cryptocurrency (900,000,000,000,000,000)

There are two ways to get the exclusive currency of the Information Star site :

Buy Currency
(Info star)

Make site-specific currency in the form of content production

Description :

Star information site users can buy the site's own currency in two ways. The first way is to buy the site's currency and invest in it (how to buy is explained in the following description)


Secondly, you can produce educational-news-entertainment content in any language (English, etc.) that you want to act on and receive the site's own currency for the visit you receive, and it is necessary to say this. You can request the currency of the site to Tetra at any time and receive it easily (withdrawals are made in Tetra every 100 Tetra)

How to buy site-specific currency :

waves exchange

(Infor star) :
You can download my app waves

From the link :
You can download all the latest versions of our apps right on our official website:

waves exchange 2

You can easily be pampered by different currencies :

btc - usdt - ....

Site-specific currency in the application

Buy and transfer to any wallet you want and start investing
You can introduce your friends after buying and investing them to receive the exclusive currency of the reward site :

Rewards for each introduction
1,000,000 Info star
0 0
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