here's a great one to start with
take a bowl place a wine glass inside
fill it with crisps or tips and fill the
glass up with a dip perfect for sharing
if you've got a peeler like this have
you ever used the little triangle
section on the side it's quite good for
cutting out bad bits of the potato but
also once you've peeled it you can use
it for cutting your own french fries
it's really easy and just fry them off
in some oil you can also use your peeler
to slice the potato into nice thin
slices which you can fry to make your
own crisps or chips you can easily peel
a potato by making a thin slice around
the middle then boil as normal drain
them off and cool them down a little and
you should be able to just pull the skin
clean off the potato so much easier than
if you need to warm up a couple of bowls
of food in a microwave but can't fit
them both in together place a mug
alongside of One Bowl and put the second
bowl on top cooking rice give it a bit
more flavor by mixing in a vegetable
stock cube as it cooks
you can pour any leftover sauces or wine
into an ice cube tray and keep it in the
freezer to use another day here's a
really cool way to slice up a pepper
chop off the top and bottom slice down
the side then slice around the inside to
remove the middle push the stalk out of
the top and it's ready for chopping you
can use one of these rubber jar lid
grips to peel a clove of garlic wrap it
over the clove roll it back and forward
and the garlic should just fall out of
the skin in a similar way you can just
give it a quick squeeze under a knife
blade and if you want to you can use a
fork to mash it sometimes salad bags
don't seem to last long but you can
increase the life of your next bag by
taking a sheet of kitchen paper tucking
it up to the base of the bag and storing
it like this the paper absorbs moisture
and the salad stays fresh for a lot
longer to cut her whole load of cherry
tomatoes in half place them on a plate
put another one on top like this and run
a sharp knife in between the plates it's
really quick and easy you can take a
plum tomato cut it at an angle like this
then cut it in half to make a heart
shape for decorating a salad or cut two
tomatoes and pin them together with a
these multi blade scissors are really
good for cutting up herbs and the
teaspoon is really good for peeling
ginger you can dice up an onion easily
by cutting it in half put a horizontal
slice down the middle slice across the
onion like this then slice it up or if
you want to keep your fingers further
away take a hair pick and use it like
pretty cool huh it makes it so easy you
can use it for cucumber tomatoes it
gives you these lovely even slices or
even a lemon
you can cut a lemon in half and use
kitchen tongs to help you squeeze the
juice out or roller lemon back and
forward over the counter until it's nice
and soft push a skewer into the ends and
wiggle it around to mash up the insides
then you can just squeeze the lemon
juice straight out of the lemon you can
use a sharp knife to make a spiral cut
all the way down in orange so you can
peel it in this really cool way or slice
around the middle and use a spoon to
separate the fruit from the skin so you
can open it like this
you can keep bananas fresh for longer by
wrapping some plastic around the stems
and storing them like this you can cut
melon into cubes by dicing it up in the
skin and cutting it off the skin with a
spoon and the same goes for mango you
can use a drinking straw to remove the
stem from a strawberry place a cherry on
a bottle and use a chopstick to push out
the stone and if you wanna chop a load
of grapes in half you can do it in the
same way as we did the tomatoes you can
cut a pineapple into quarters
and slice it into segments to make a
really nice display
or chop the top off and use one of these
spiralizing gadgets to remove the fruit
you can also use it with a watermelon
remove the handle from the gadget and
use the cutter to turn it all into
segments cut a watermelon in half and
slice it like this to make perfect snack
sized pieces you can use a coin to score
a line then the center of a watermelon
hand karate chop it in half if you
haven't got a hand mixer you can attach
a kitchen whisk to a drill it's really
handy and works quickly for making
things like whipped cream
for beating egg whites and even making
if you want to break choclate into
individual pieces you can roll it back
and forth over a rolling pin and open it
up or just spend it over the edge of the
perfect for melting you can fill up a
mug halfway with chocolate ice cream
leave it to melt then top it up with
some self raising flour and mix it all
together pop it in the microwave for two
minutes and we've got a really quick and
simple chocolate muffin it's steaming
hot and goes great with vanilla ice
cream you can take a cupcake tray turn
it upside down and grease it then mold
cookie dough over the cups like this
bake them in the oven to make these
amazing chocolate cookie bowls great for
desserts you can warm up a couple of
cookies in a microwave quickly then take
a tub of ice cream use a knife to slice
off a section and layer it in between
the cookies to make an ice cream
make another delicious dessert by
unrolling a sheet of puff pastry
spreading over a layer of Nutella roll
it back up and cut it into slices bake
them in the oven and we've got delicious
Nutella pastry swirls you can separate
the egg yolk from the white by sucking
it up with a plastic bottle
and you can do numerous yokes at a time
test out if an egg is hard-boiled all
raw by spinning it and stopping it with
a finger if it stops and doesn't
continue spinning its hard-boiled but if
it's raw we can stop it and it will
continue to spin after we've released it
you can peel a hard-boiled egg by just
rolling it across the counter and
pulling off the shell or put it into a
drinking glass with some water and give
it a good shake and the shell should
just all fall off you can even do it to
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