Hi i'm alvin and i like making videos about the people who cook the food we love to eat one thing i've always wondered is what's it really like to be a chef meet my friend jane she's the chef to cuisine at jeju noodle bar a korean inspired restaurant in new york city with one michelin star they're also the first michelin star noodle bar in america which to me is pretty special they serve creative takes on korean ramyan which is quite different than japanese ramen but aside
day in the life of a michelin star chef
From ramyun they also have a variety of beautiful dishes that i wanted to learn more about and possibly eat lucky for me jane was kind enough to let me spend the day with her and the team at jeju for real behind the scenes look and so this is a day in the life of a michelin starchef at 11am i get here and make sure everything's working i think it's important that i'm the first one and it's important for staff to see that i'm present so as a chef the cuisine i oversee the
Whole operation the kitchen side like the food everything so in the morning i like being by myself it's just me in the kitchen it's very calm quiet i can put everything in place the way i want it i start putting on the socks right away i'm gonna get that going first thing it takes about like 10 hours for us i know we started yesterday so today it'll only be like five hours so this is all the caviar that we get for the tourism up each order gets like an ounce of failure one of the
Most popular dishes so i have to make sure we have everything for the dish or we can't sell it this is the kroberta pork ribs that we use for the jeddah the judge i'm gonna brine the first kid especially this industry people drink very good amount of caffeine ice to drink it's called venti rice juice yeah every day yeah your green tea meat yeah oh wow thank you that all gets cooked down overnight and we shred it and we put it back into the yk ramen as a noodle bar we cook a lot of
Things that you wouldn't see in a regular korean restaurant we break down about 30 pounds to 40 pounds of tuna a week to be able to handle that kind of protein takes some skill and technique and i learned it from doug he has sushi background he was always around fish and butchering things like that so we have to be fast because we don't want the fish to just be sitting here so after the blocking of the tuna the staff and the cooks scrape off the meat so toro is japanese for baddie tuta
Sam is wrap in korean and pop is rice so when you put that together it's toro wrapping with rice we hope to get it done in like two hours you know with no trouble for one dish at 1 pm the fish delivery comes that box includes about 10 kinds of fish so usually like dog and i will tag team the fish making sure like the quality is right there's nothing like weird smelling look at that you still see everything so we salted the skin of the the snapper and then now we're blanching it
Because the skin is tough and it also kind of um it extracts like the oils so you gotta put it in the iceberg so all the fish you guys are working on that's for one one menu item right wow at 2pm we usually get some kind of premium delivery so when the truffles come in i pick out the the size and the quality and make sure they're to our standard currently now we've gotten our prairie wood truffles in for like 550 a pound so one pound of truffles is basically a ps5 yeah i'll try
To get one so i don't know how to get one jason there's a lot of groceries today yeah we have like a few more coming in more usually dave's like dating oh i'm alvin by the way it's gonna be like documentary yeah i don't know that's why i'm here i'll time so after all the deliveries are put away everybody goes to their stations and starts setting up so we have about 20 items on the menu every dish on that menu has about three to four components in one noodle we
Have about like eight components so irene is in charge of the noodle station she sets up about 25 components it takes a lot of work just to get everything together it's a lot of cooking it's a lot of prepping it's just you know making sure everything's 100 so this is all the proof that we did start to finish hour and a half two hours i'm gonna prep for family meal trying to figure out what i need to use uh religion black bean chili sauce it's nice because i have all the
day in the life of a michelin star chef
Stocks ready to go so i can just use like the nice socks for some of the family meal what's that oh this is a family meal i think he's a little bit more like right now you little goodies everywhere good yeah yeah while i'm setting up the family meal the cooks are usually getting rest over their bees and paws ready so visa plus for us is the things that we need on the station for the day the wagyu is sliced for the wagyu ramen and then the seafood we save for last to cut as well so
Doug just comes in and he hangs out and eats all of my snacks is that your cookie over there yeah i i liked it i
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