Hi it’s imamu! I get some questions about my husband’s bento box so let me talk about that. First of all, the bento box is my mom send me from Japan. If you interested in the bento box, please check Amazon ( Japanese one has many choices(design, size) )
http://amazon.co.jp/     ←(need to change language setting from the menubar )
••• my husband’s bento box •••
Name/ 「Wooden bento box」 or 「Wappa bento box」
Size/ Small
 (The size is important to arrange your amount of food. In my husband case...he doesn’t wanna eat too much at his work. I wanna pack the side dishes tightly because he put on his backpack when he get work. We don’t  the dishes wanna act up that’s why small size for him.)
How he eats/
He eats the bento like room temperature. That’s natural thing for me and him. He also wanna start eating lunch at work quickly.
The reason why I like wooden bento box is/
1. The nostalgic design :) 
2. Lightweight
3. The rice is tasty 
( The wood moisturizes so that’s it won’t easily become hard to get stuck even when the rice is cold) ←This is depend on the wood quality. I guess( hope lol ) our bento box working well for that~  
How I treat the wooden box/
1. Wash (ours is urethane coating so I use soap) 
2. Wipe up wet part with a towel
3. Dry naturally 
  ( The wood don’t go well with water. When my husband can’t wash and dry naturally it at work, just wipe up in the box and bring home. ( and I treat lol )
I learn that’s better rather than wash and put it in backpack soon.)
I explain a lot but I just wanna say, it’s important to use bento box that you LIKE :) ( If you like hello kitty, that would be so cute ~!) 
I think they motivate a lot to make bento ! 
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