The man who brought you a talking, belligerent raccoon and a sentient tree in the Marvel universe is now bringing a humanoid shark and an inappropriate weasel-man to the screen from the pages of DC Comics.
James Gunn, director of the Guardian of the Galaxy movies, has stepped in to make the sort-of sequel The Suicide Squad (the “the” tells you this isn't so much a follow-up as a reset of the 2016 film), and the first trailer for the Aug. 6th film seems to be designed to baffle with its candy-colored absurdity.
It's hard to know exactly what's happening in this story. A team has been assembled for another Dirty Dozen-style mission, from which they may not return—and that apparently involves fighting … a gigantic starfish? Rather than delving into what's what, the best we can do right now is break down who's who.
Some of the characters are returning, so we already know Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, Joel Kinnamen's Col. Rick Flag, Viola Davis' imperious program director Amanda Waller, and Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang. Let's skip ahead to the new faces.
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