To prepare barberry chicken, it is better to fry the chicken pieces before cooking, and after they are golden, add onion, spices and water to make the barberry rice taste better.
. It is better to use the right onions in cooking chicken.
 If you like, remove their skin when cleaning the chicken. But it is better not to peel the chicken because it makes it delicious. 😋
For a better color of saffron, before the butter is completely melted, pour the butter with barberry and sugar in a pan and heat a little. Then add half a glass of water and put it on the heat for a few minutes and then remove.
. Do not put saffron on high heat because its aroma will decrease.
 Chicken juice should be concentrated and served in a separate bowl from chicken when serving.
 If you wish, you can add some sour plums to the chicken sauce.
For frying barberry better use fresh butter or oil.
● When roasting barberry, sprinkle with sugar method because it makes the barberry stick to the rice and the food tastes sour and sweet. Barberry should also be roasted on a very low heat as high heat will cause it to dry out.
To give saffron a better color, you should grind it in a stone or wooden mortar so that it does not lose its aroma and scent.
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