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Car driving training

Towards Professional Driving: Important Tips in Driving Training
If you are taking the first steps to becoming a professional driver, join us to get closer to your goal step by step. In the following, we will accompany you with driving training from scratch for beginners.

All the required concepts will be taught in simple language and in a principled way. Beginner driving training requires experience and expertise to provide you with everything you need to become a professional in the shortest time and with the highest quality.

Our specialized team has provided you with years of experience and expertise by providing educational materials. Take your first steps towards becoming a professional with beginner driving training.

The first step in learning to drive from scratch for a beginner
Easy driving training
The first obstacle to driving is familiarity with the generalities of the car. In general, in all cars, the following are the first elements that attract the attention of any innovator.

The first time you are going to sit behind the wheel, the seat, pedal, mirror, handbrake, gear, steering wheel are 6 things that will catch your attention first. Each of these has details that you should be familiar with step by step. Do not hurry. You will patiently take control of all the components of the car.

Driving theory training
 First of all, the seating area should be adjusted to fit your body. So the first thing you need to know is the driver"s seat:

1- Driver"s seat: You are going to sit on it for a long time, so it should be comfortable and adjusted to create a proper view. So adjust the seat exactly according to your body condition so that you have full view of the pedal and steering wheel. Have a little patience to find the best seat for you.

Manual driving training

After sitting behind the wheel, your gaze falls down. There are three pedals in front of you; These three pedals will engage both of your feet as long as you work in the gearbox:

2- Pedals: The left pedal of the clutch is connected to the gear. The middle pedal is the brake and the right pedal is the accelerator.

 After recognizing the pedal, go to the mirrors. Mirrors are your other eyes to see around the car:

3- Mirrors: The mirror inside the car should be adjusted so that the back of the car can be seen well, the two side mirrors are also adjusted to cover the right and left sides of the car according to your vision.

 Take a look to your right, there is a handle between two chairs:

4- Manual brake: In addition to the car pedal brake, there is another brake that is used differently from the pedal brake. When you park, you raise the brake, when it is about to start, you lower the handbrake, or you put the handbrake to sleep.

So if you are sitting behind the wheel for the first time, adjusting the seat and the mirror, you should apply the parking brake.

 When it comes to the most important and complex parts of the car, the gear is the fifth part that you should get acquainted with and master after a while:

5- Gears: Join us to teach you zero to one hundred gears:

Most cars have 5 gears. Refer to the gear guide. You need a clutch to be able to move the gear when the car is running.

Gear 1: Slightly left and up, the heaviest gear in the car that you should use when starting.

So far, after adjusting the seat, mirror and fastening the belt, you release the gear and start, press the left foot on the clutch pedal to the end, set the gear position (slightly left and up) to one gear, the right foot Press right on the throttle and gently lift the clutch to release it.

The car starts. If you are confused, do not worry, we will review all the points over and over again before turning on the car until the moment of departure. For now, let"s move on to the other gears:

Gear 2: Raising the gears is all the same, you just have to learn the gear position and know the speed that is best for shifting gears. To reach gear 2, lower the same gear 1. So the location of the gear is two left and down.

When should we go to second gear? The moving car reached a speed of 10. Now is the time for second gear. Do not forget to press the clutch to the bottom, put gear 2 and press the gas to fill the gas 2 before the engine speed reaches.

Gear release: Finding the gear release status is simple. The middle of the gear is free and in this place it easily turns left and right.

The location of the rear gear and other gears is also easily found and has a similar method. This is enough to teach the first step.

The steering wheel is probably the most important part of the car:

6- The steering wheel is in the same shape in all machines. You will see the correct position of the hand on the steering wheel in the next steps of the tutorial. Greater control of the steering wheel indicates high driving ability.

The second step is learning to drive from scratch for beginners
By now you know the components of the car and you can move the car. The second step is to identify the most basic practices used in driving. Driving from scratch for beginners After starting the car, you should move on to learning what drivers will experience on their first encounter with the street.

Driving lessons for beginners in the second step: How to keep the car?
The car is running, you have to be able to hold it. Driving from scratch for beginners in the second step after the fall, teaches you how to stop the car:

It is easy to stand. Press the brake, the speed that reached below fifteen kilometers, release the left foot on the clutch and gear. Zero car speed.

 Driving lessons for beginners in the second step: How to use reverse gear?
Did you slow down? You have to reverse gear to adjust the speed. For example, if you were in third gear and for any reason the speed reached 30 km / h, you get a clutch, you change gears from three to two. After a short time, you will learn the position of the gears well.

 Driving lessons for beginners in the second step: What steps should we take to turn right?
Are you going to enter from a narrow alley or turn right? There is a possibility of the table in front of the car hitting the table or the water atmosphere. What is the solution? Before turning right, you must first make sure that the front of the car crosses the table, and 2 meters before turning half a turn, turn the steering wheel to the left until you feel comfortable hitting the table.

To do this, check that the dashboard has crossed the table. Then turn right. So here"s the thing, turn right; There is a possibility of collision with the table; Slight left to avoid collision. Just be careful not to pass a car before turning the steering wheel halfway to the left.

Driving training for beginners: What should be observed for two-wheel and one-wheel speed?
You are going to go around. If the street is wide, your detour will be completed by one turn. Respect the right of way and go around. But if the street is narrow, you should use two steering wheels.

How to go around two commands?

Look behind you. If there is no car, turn left, turn the steering wheel to the left to the end, go until you reach the other side of the street, you can no longer go forward, it is the turn of the reverse gear, take the clutch, put the reverse gear and this time turn the steering wheel to the right.

Keep doing this until halfway down the street. At this point, the car is rotated but not smooth, now shift into gear and turn the steering wheel to the left until the car is in the right direction. The detour was complete.

 Driving lessons for beginners in the second step: how to act slowly in traffic?
You have to learn the turtle movement of the car to move slowly or centimeter. This movement is done in first gear. The solution is as follows: you press the clutch to the end, gear one, you press the accelerator pedal with constant pressure, you bring the clutch halfway up, two legs are engaged at the same time, one clutch and one throttle, as soon as the clutch of the car is slowly lifted It moves slowly, the slow movement of the car in the half-clutch position is called turtle movement.

Suitable for heavy traffic conditions where the car moves a centimeter or you are going to get out of the parking lot or when going around you need low speed and low movement.

If you are planning to start driving and become a professional, the first principle is to stay calm and cool. Driving skills are not complicated, but if you are overwhelmed by stress, simple skills will also bother you. Be calm and cool and be patient and go step by step. Rest assured that reaching a professional level is not out of reach.

 Important points of practical driving training ۰ 40 key cases
Pride driving training and its key points
همیشه Always remember the squadron at the beginning of driving training and turning on the Pride and any kind of car that looks like the Pride.

Export in driving training, that is, first measure the seat for your sitting and be sure to fasten your seat belt, and this is the first and most important driving training.

Then check the mirrors for driving.

Then try the gears to be free, in driving if the car is in gear and you start, the car is heading forward.

پایین Hold the clutch down. Now it"s time to turn on. God forbid, do not start in the hope that you have the brake with the other foot while you steer the clutch down.

. Turn the switch clockwise and release the key when you hear the start sound. Hold the clutch to the bottom with your left foot and shift into gear one.

Now you are ready to drive, do not forget the left guide, look in the side mirror and finally apply the parking brake, take your foot off the brake, apply a little pressure to the accelerator pedal and at the same time release the clutch gently.

Release the clutch so that the pedal is in contact with the sole of your foot, it is quite clear that this means that Yahweh does not take your foot off the clutch pedal, it is very simple.

Do not worry as long as you control the accelerator pedal Pride will listen to your command. Relax and pay attention to the car and the surrounding area and start driving.

. Do not confuse the parking brake with the seat adjustment lever. They are different from earth to sky. Seat adjustment lever on

It is located on the left and has nothing to do with the parking brake. Take a close look at your car at the beginning of your driving training.

To get acquainted with its components. For example, know that the flasher button is located in front of the steering wheel and the middle part above the steering wheel support.

Driving and guiding training
Take driving seriously in driving training. Do not see the guide in the car as a decorative and additional tool. Be sure to guide when driving and turning left or right, and any change of direction.

If you push the guide lever up, the right guide starts working and if you push the lever down, the left traffic light starts working and stops after the guide turns and you do not need to move the lever up or down again. .

Helping is very simple. Use the guide not just to turn right or left. If you drive on a street that has several lanes, you should and should and should guide you to change lanes and any diversion. Take driving guidance seriously.

Another interesting thing about driving while driving is that as soon as you reach the turn or any change of direction, the esteemed driver just remembers driving, such people think that no one is driving on the street except themselves and it is not necessary at all. Do not worry about rear cars. Please hit the guide 100 meters left to change direction.

When we turn the guide to the right, you have to change the direction to the right, and when we turn the guide to the left, you have to go to the left, do not do the opposite.

برخورد Learn to deal with obstacles in driving training. Whenever you see an obstacle while driving, if your speed was more than gear one, first reduce the speed with the brakes and then to control the car and reach the proper speed, lower the clutch to the bottom and reduce the car gear and release the clutch. If an obstacle appears suddenly and the car needed to stop completely (abrupt stop), press the brake pedal and clutch with all your might until the end. Do not go at high speeds. Drive calmly and patiently.

Driving and reverse gear training
ران In driving training, going backwards is a little harder than going forward. To reverse in Pride, first engage the clutch fully, then engage the rear gear marked with an R, rotate backwards. For convenience, you can place your right hand on the back of your right-hand seat. . When you have full view of the back, press the accelerator pedal slightly and at the same time slowly remove the foot from the clutch, the car will move backwards.

ران When driving, when you are at a crossroads and you do not know which way to go. The worst thing to do is to brake in the middle of the street or, like some professional drivers, slow down and ask for the address of another moving car, and finally give two horns to thank, and guiding is a pointless thing at all. And continue on your way.

در In such cases, please turn right before reaching the crossroads, stop in a safe place, find the path, then turn left and enter the street and continue on your way.

When you are driving on the road and you see the sign "Drive with heavy gear", that is, use one or two gears. Heavy gears are usually stronger and slower. In driving training, try to understand the concepts so that you can use your knowledge in a timely manner.

While driving, every time you apply the brakes and the car stops moving. Put the gear on one. Wherever you stand, behind a red light, there is a stop. Change gear to gear one.

When your speed reaches 20 km / h, please take the clutch and shift into 2nd gear. Do not be afraid, the car will not turn off when shifting if you do the right thing and do not panic. To prevent this, it is enough to put your foot on the gas a little and release the clutch very slowly.

Do not drive with a stare.
Do not stare while driving. Try to have a wide field of vision to react in case of an accident. A stare while driving is not recommended at all. Relax and enjoy driving and pay attention to the road, other cars, especially your Pride car.

ران When driving to the right, it is clear that you should check the space on your right, and of course, with the mirrors, consider the general position of the car, and when turning left, pay attention to the left.

نیمه To slow down, halve the clutch and if you intend to brake, hold the clutch fully and brake.

. Do not keep your body contracted while driving. You do not need to apply extra force to hold the steering wheel. You need to reach a level of driving where you can listen to the news at the same time and at the same time have a safe ride and be aware of standard street speed bumps, and do not cross the pedestrian lanes at the latest speed limit.

The first thing you need to master in driving is driving smoothly. All you have to do is move on. Do not push if a car comes towards you.

ادی Under normal circumstances, the car will deviate from your route and will be in its lane. You do not need to deviate from your route. Note that driving decisions depend on intelligence and circumstances.

If you are driving on a two-way road and go to nIf an eighteen wheel gets out of its way and comes straight and fast towards you, do not be happy that it will return to its path, God willing, in this situation, it is your driving skills, vision and understanding of the situation that can reach your cry. .

In the normal case, deviating from the path is considered a violation and has a fine.

Driving training and double parking
In driving training, double park is one of the most important cases of training and examination, and it may seem difficult to teach and learn a little. Remember in the double park, when standing next to the car in front, after turning the rear gear, turn the steering wheel to the right to guide the end of the car to the right.

Use the 10 and 11 o"clock rule for double park. When reversing, turn the steering wheel fully as soon as you see the end of the parked car in the near rear corner of your car.

In this case, your car is positioned relative to the parked car like the hands of 11 o"clock, continue the same command so that you can see the license plate of the parked car through the windshield. In the case of your car compared to a parked car is like 10 o"clock.

As soon as you are in this position, turn the steering wheel until the car reaches the position by 11 o"clock and continue this steering wheel until you are completely smooth between the two cars.

At first, when you are going to drive, you look at the gearbox (gear lever) and you see a shape and an icon on it, these shapes are not a road cross. Indicates the position of the gears.

Usually in cars the upper left is first gear and the lower left is second gear. Release the gear Let it stay in the middle, the top middle is gear three and the bottom middle is gear four, now the top right is gear five and the bottom right is rear gear.

ما Our car, which is Pride, has the same gears. Other cars may have more gears.

Be sure to read in traffic books that you are not allowed to stop at 15 meters from intersections, so please be a literate driver and do not stop at 15 meters from intersections.

In driving training sessions, try to learn to work well with the clutch, brake and accelerator pedals. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem.

When you reach an intersection and want to turn it, slow down, move the clutch halfway and release the clutch when you are on your way.

Always stay on the road while driving and do not let rude drivers distract you by giving off lights and honking or changing lanes.

صوص Especially for women, you do not have to lower the glass and start shouting, this is exactly what they want. In these cases, stay calm, raise the glass and drive in the right direction and at the speed allowed.

Be aware that too much accuracy can also be problematic. Assess your street conditions, traffic, car and driving skills and drive properly.

 Driving training and two-wheel drive
Know this while driving, you do not need to depress the clutch when the gear is clear, and you should use the brake pedal to stop the car when you apply the handbrake. It is not a complicated thing at all.

In driving training, you should pay attention to all the good things. Do not think that you will become a driver with 14, 15 days of training. You must have a lot of training to be able to control the car like your body parts.

هر In any weather and unusual conditions. But this short time is the best opportunity to practice under the supervision of the full control coach of the clutch, the two commands that are given to you in the streets and narrow alleys, as well as the double park, and you should learn their do"s and don"ts.

It is also important in two-wheel drive driving training, let"s practice two-wheel drive with writing. When you want to go around two commandments in a two-way street, which is also narrow and has a high traffic.

مای Turn right and stop on your right, you can not turn left in the middle of the street and turn Yahoo. You need to make room for your driving.

قرار Once you are on the right side of the street and see the right position to go around, turn left and steer to the front lane. If the street is crowded, you should walk respectfully and in a special situation.

این In such situations, opposite lane drivers usually give way to you, just do not push. After crossing the middle lane of the street, turn back according to the gears, and finally, after you are on the road, take command and continue driving, be careful to guide.

عملی During the practical driving test, try to hold the clutch down and change gears while the handbrake is up, this exercise will help you master the gears. During the practical test, try to buy time for yourself and use this method to change the gears of the colonel"s car several times to worry about his car.


Rear gear training in simple language
In order to be able to move easily in reverse gear, you must first control the car with your left hand for 15 minutes without using your right hand. This method can increase your control over the steering wheel.

You have to be very careful to move in reverse gear. The use of reverse gear is usually prohibited in most cases, except for double parking. Unless the use of reverse gear is prohibited in the parking lot.

Frequently Asked Questions :
Number dWhat are the permissible requirements for taking a practical driving test?
You do not have a limit on the number of times you can take a practical test for a driving test. However, in order to improve driving skills, rules have been set by the traffic police. According to these rules, people are required to spend one more training session after failing the practical exam 4 times. Of course, the traffic officer in charge of taking this test may prescribe more sessions for you. Really friends, download the main regulations questions here.
What side effects lead to passing the practical test?
Nothing can make you more successful than staying calm and confident. There are even many people who have years of experience driving different cars, but are stressed by the prevailing test conditions and baseless quotes from other participants. This stress is the biggest obstacle to your success.
In addition to stress, lack of self-confidence can also stand in your way. If this is the second time you have taken the test, you should not lose confidence in passing the previous test. With the strictness of certification in recent years, there are many people who take the test several times. Do not personalize the issue, passing the driving test does not mean that you can not be a good driver. Even the most skilled drivers make mistakes while driving. It is far better to make mistakes while driving and during exams than to make unpleasant mistakes in the future.
Can I attend more training sessions before the practical test?
Incidentally, our advice is that if you feel you still need training, voluntarily attend a few more sessions as needed before the practical test. Do not rush to take the practical test in any way.

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